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de Buedemleër,

Our craft business has been specialising since 1994 in:

  • wooden floors and floor coverings, providing a range of services including laying, maintenance, repairs and restorations
  • blinds, curtains and insect screens

our services

Services offered by de Buedemleër


We lay

  • all types of wooden floors and a wide range of wood types
  • various sizes ranging from the smallest strips to planks measuring 4 metres and above
  • various colours and finishes
  • parallel, diagonal, herringbone or a pattern of your choice
  • floating flooring, coverings glued to screed or nailed to joists

We can also move your furniture and remove and dispose of your old floor coverings, taking all necessary steps to keep dust to a minimum.

Come and see our extensive range of wooden floors at our showroom in Ehlerange.
Professional care
Wood can be restored and nourished through professional care, which will considerably extend the life of your wooden floors.
“de Buedemleër” repairs all types of wooden floors.
We can make worn wooden floors look as good as new by sanding them down.
Various finishes are available, such as varnish, natural oil or even coloured oil.

Have a look at our executions in the category PICTURES.

In our showroom, we offer a wide range of floor coverings for homes, busy shops, offices or sports halls.

  • Bamboo: a type of grass with multiple qualities which can be used to produce unique-looking flooring
  • Cork: a natural material which makes floors warm to the feet, very quiet and springy. It is the ideal covering for children’s bedrooms and uninsulated floors. We supply it in a standard finish but can also provide a wood, stone or fabric finish using digital printing
  • Laminate: wood and stone finish, realistic replication
  • Linoleum: made from natural and renewable materials, available in a variety of colours and structures; low maintenance due to its antistatic and antibacterial properties
  • Rubber: slate effect or hammerblow surface
  • Fitted carpet: a warm and cosy surface, good soundproofing, anti-allergic; some varieties can be washed with water (e.g. Flotex®) or are fire-resistant (e.g. Kugelgarn®); available in widths or tiles
  • “Organic flooring”: a very tough, flexible, natural oil-based covering (made with e.g. rapeseed oil or castor oil), with no chlorine, plasticisers, solvents or petrochemicals
  • Vinyl: wood-effect strips and stone/tile-effect squares; thin and therefore ideal for covering existing tiling; free-laid or glued using strips measuring 2 to 5 metres in width
  • Safety vinyl: ideal for elderly people’s bathrooms, anti-slip (R10 – R12 rating)

You can take a look at other materials in our showroom

Professional care:
Floor coverings all have different characteristics and require specific care. Our experts are happy to offer advice and answer all your questions.

It is often possible to repair floor coverings, which saves you from having to replace them completely. Our experts are happy to offer advice on site.

By having your floor coverings stripped or deep-cleaned, then treated with a new coat of protection, you can make them last longer. We will be happy to advise you on the various restoration options available.

Have a look at our executions in the category PICTURES

We can recondition wooden stairs through professional care or restore them with a thorough sanding.

Most of our floor coverings are ideal for stairs and can be fitted without even removing the existing covering (e.g. tiles).

Have a look at our executions in the category PICTURES

  • Terrace: renovation of wooden terraces
  • Entrance mats: these mats for clean areas prevent damp and dirt from getting into the building and extend the life of other floor coverings
  • “Coral Logo”: an entrance mat which can be customised with an image or logo of your choice
  • Bordered carpets: add a personal touch to your wooden floor with a personalised bordered carpet available in a range of colours and structures
  • Skirting boards, dividers and accessories: skirting boards to match your floor coverings and dividers allowing transitions between different materials
  • Protective mats: protecting your flooring against damage from chairs with rollers
  • Care products: we offer a full range of professional care products suitable for various types of floor covering
  • Material supply : we provide floor coverings, accessories and tools with professional advice

Have a look at our executions in the category PICTURES

  • “Schlossdielen”: floor boards sourced from historic buildings (e.g. stately homes) which are several centuries old
  • Walk-in showers: we can lay wooden flooring not only in your bathroom but also in your walk-in shower
  • Parquetry: a collection of geometric shapes forming a special pattern
  • Wooden flooring with personalised pattern: milled manually into your wooden flooring. Alternatively a logo of your choice can be inlaid using the marquetry technique
  • “Organic flooring”: a very tough, flexible, natural oil-based covering (made with e.g. rapeseed oil or castor oil), with no chlorine, plasticisers, solvents or petrochemicals
  • Special material: leather floor coverings


Come to our showroom and take a look at our wide range of blinds in a variety of materials and colours. We do all the measuring and fitting so you get a made-to-measure blind meeting all your requirements.

Choose from:

  • Pleated blinds
  • Japanese panel blinds
  • Roman blinds (fabric)
  • Aluminium and wooden Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Californian blinds
  • Duette®
  • Silhouette®
  • Facette®
  • Twist®

OUR PARTNERS: NOS MARQUES: Luxaflex, MHZ, SilentGliss, erfal et Velux

Have a look at our executions in the category PICTURES

Make yourself at home!

  • multitude of fabrics in different colours, designs, transparencies and materials
  • combine design and technical requirements: acoustic, dim-out, thermic or flame retardant
  • be a designer yourself and create your one fabric
  • tailor-made
  • a variety of curtain poles and traversing systems

Visit our showroom and ask for advice.

OUR PARTNERS: Jab, Carlucci, Chivasso, Zimmer+Rohde, Designers Guild, Casamance, ADO Goldkante, Wind, Camengo, Drapilux, Inside et Ardecora

Have a look at our executions in the category PICTURES

Tailored solutions for windows, doors and skylights of all sizes, protecting you against insects and pollen.

  • Hinged (two-way)/sliding/folding door insect screens
  • Rolling insect screens
  • Detachable insect screens-frames
  • Transpatec® – a unique fabric which is virtually invisible
  • Polltec® – offers a high level of protection against pollen
  • We can match the frames with your windows, choosing from a range of six standard colours or based on the RAL colour of your windows

Protégez-vous contre la lumière, la chaleur et les regards indiscrets:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Awnings
  • Sun screens

the company


« de Buedemleër

is a family-run craft business which has been growing for almost twenty years. We are proud to continue the exciting work which has been carried out with passion for two generations. »

Martine & Ben Jungers


  • With 25 years’ trade experience and the committed support of his wife Mady who helped out with advice, sales and administrative duties, Roby Jungers set up “de Buedemleër” on 1 May 1994.
  • In 1999, the company’s move to business premises in the Zone d’activités régionale d’Ehlerange (Z.A.R.E.) offered new prospects.
  • In 2008, a new generation integrated the company, with Ben Jungers joining the business followed swiftly by his sister Martine. They aimed to enhance craft expertise within the company, create new dynamism and further improve the second-generation skill base.
  • In 2012, the intergenerational transition became official when “de Buedemleër” became a limited liability company.
  • In 2014, twenty years after it was set up, “de Buedemleër” remains true both to its original philosophy and to its name which means “the floorer” and should, strictly speaking, be spelled “de Buedemleeër” following the Luxembourgish spelling reform of 1999.

Our areas of expertise

  • expert advice from specialists whose top priority is customer satisfaction
  • customer support and follow-up from first contact to sign-off and beyond
  • meticulous work
  • work completed by the agreed deadlines
  • premium quality materials from controlled sources
  • a dynamic, committed and experienced team
  • a family-run craft business under second-generation management
  • staff speaking Luxembourgish, French, German and English
  • environmental and social values are incorporated in our responsible approach to company management
Team & exhibition

Team & exhibition

wooden floors

wooden floors

floor coverings

floor coverings




other products

other products

special products

special products

blinds & insect screens

blinds & insect screens

contact us

de Buedemleër

13, Z.A.R.E. Ouest · L-4384 Ehlerange

Phone +352 558 758-1
Fax +352 558 758-30

Opening hours:
9h00 – 12h00 & 14h00 – 17h00
Wednesday: 9h00 – 18h30 / Saturday: 10h00 – 13h00
other hours are possible on appointment

Ascension: 30 May – 1 June 2019 (included)
Summer: 2 – 17 août 2019 (included)

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